About Us

Who we are


Our roots were founded in the restoration of cemetery headstones and bronze markers, but we’ve excelled far beyond there. Over the past few years we have realized our specialty is needed in other areas such as the complete restoration of historical markers and walls, bronze plaques, monuments, memorials and even statues.

We offer these tailored services to Historical Societies, Veteran’s Offices, City, State and Federal agencies as well as private individuals. Bronze, granite and marble are the most common materials that we restore, however we are also trained in the restoration of brass, copper and cast iron as well as several other materials.

The Best in the Industry

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we are committed to providing compassionate customer service. We also guarantee that our Restoration Specialists have completed an extensive training course and engage in ongoing training to learn new restoration techniques. From cemeteries to monuments, individuals or communities, we are honored to give each restoration the dignity and respect that it deserves.

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