Restoration of Bronze & Other Metal Plaques

Metal or Bronze Plaques & Markers
Patina Restoration, Cleaning and Surface Preparation

Metal Plaques Restoration

Color & Patina Restoration

Our restoration process for bronze or other metal plaques begins with a thorough assessment and evaluation of the plaque’s condition. We carefully examine the plaque, identifying areas of damage, corrosion, or deterioration. This helps us develop a customized restoration plan to address each specific issue.

Re-engraving and Inscription Restoration: If the plaque’s inscriptions or images have faded or been damaged, we offer precise re-engraving and inscription restoration services. Our skilled artisans recreate the original engravings, ensuring accuracy and attention to detail. This meticulous process revives the plaque’s historical or commemorative significance.

Re-painting and Color Restoration: If the plaque features painted elements or color accents, we meticulously match and restore these colors to their original vibrancy. Our experts use high-quality paints and pigments to achieve accurate color reproduction. Through careful layering and blending techniques, we bring back the plaque’s visual impact.

Before and After Restoration Bronze Plaque