Government Projects

Your partner for beautifying Historical Buildings, Parks, Universities, & other public spaces.

AGG Restoration Specialists Offering Insured & Expert Preservation Services

Comprehensive Preservation & Restoration Services

AGG Restoration works with offices at the local, federal, and international levels to maintain wood, metal and stone art or architecture on government property, buildings, parks and other public spaces. Typically we are working with, Parks and Recreation, Public Works, City or County Managers, Cemetery Management, and Department of Transportation.

We will travel! Because much of the work we do is on large or priceless artifacts that cannot – or should not- be shipped, our artisans can travel nearly anywhere for your project.

We are a registered LLC in the State of Florida, fully insured, and accept various methods of payment including P-Card, Credit Card, ACH, Check or Direct Deposit.

Before and After Restoration

Expertise and Professionalism

With years of experience in the industry, our skilled professionals possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to execute government restoration projects to the highest standards. We understand the unique requirements and regulations involved in working on government-owned properties, and we are committed to delivering exceptional results with professionalism and attention to detail.  See below our Capability Statement and some of the classification codes our work can fall under.

Commodity Code Description
93141713 Historic sites or monuments protection services
721519 Masonry and stonework services
721522 Terrazzo tile and marble and mosaic services
721531 Athletic and recreation facility construction services
721532 Coating and caulking and weather water and fireproofing services
721535 Structural exterior cleaning services
721540 Specialty building and trade services
951226 Religious buildings and structures
51217 Public buildings and structures
NAICS Definition
236220 Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
238100 Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors
238140 Masonry, Granite, Marble, slate, exterior, contractors
238190 Other Foundation, Structure, and Building Exterior Contractors
238330 Resurfacing hardwood flooring, wood floor refinishing (eg: coating,
238340 Terazzo and tile refinishing
561790 Building exterior cleaning services except sandblasting & window
cleaning (Cleaning, power washing, steam cleaning)
711510 Independent Artists, Art restorers, Conservators, Independent