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Bronze, Marble and Granite Maintenance

A.G.G. Restoration is a professional restoration company specializing in the restoration and preservation of bronze and metal statues, plaques, markers, gravesite stones, and marble/granite structures. With years of experience, our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to bringing back the original beauty and integrity of these valuable pieces.

We take great pride in our meticulous approach, using only the highest quality materials and techniques to deliver exceptional results. Whether it’s a historical bronze statue, a weathered gravesite stone, or a faded marble monument, we are committed to preserving and restoring these valuable pieces for generations to come.

Before and After Restoration GRAVESITE

Statue Restoration

Before and After Restoration Bronze Statue

Our bronze and metal statue restoration services encompass a wide range of techniques, including cleaning, repair of damaged parts, corrosion removal, patina application, and protective coatings. We understand the importance of preserving the historical and artistic value of these statues, and our approach ensures the best results.

Gravesite Stone

Before and After Restoration Gravesite Stone

Gravesite stone restoration is another area of expertise for AGG Restoration. We offer comprehensive restoration services that include cleaning, leveling, repairing cracks or chips, and resealing. Our goal is to restore the dignity and beauty of gravesite stones, allowing families to honor their loved ones in a dignified manner.

Plaques and Markers

Before and After Restoration Bronze Plaque

For plaques and markers, our renovation services involve cleaning, re-engraving, re-painting, and resealing to revive the inscriptions, images, and overall appearance. We pay attention to every detail at every step of the restoration process, ensuring that the renovated plaques and markers look pristine and stand the test of time.