Restoration of Cemetery Headstones & Grave Markers

Offering Cleaning and Stain Removal, Structural Repairs
Recoloring and Enhancements of Headstones
and Bronze Grave Markers

Restoring the headstone’s original appearance

Headstone Maintenance

Assessment and Evaluation: Our restoration process for cemetery headstones begins with a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the headstone’s condition. We carefully examine the headstone, identifying the type of stone (granite, marble, sandstone, etc), all areas of damage, weathering, and/or deterioration. Then we develop a tailored restoration plan to address specific issues and ensure the preservation of the headstone’s integrity.

Cleaning and Stain Removal: To restore the headstone’s original appearance, we employ specialized cleaning techniques to remove dirt, grime, moss, lichen, and other stains that may have accumulated over time. Our skilled craftsmen use gentle yet effective methods to ensure the removal of surface contaminants without causing harm to the headstone.

Before and After Restoration Gravesite Stone

Metal Grave Marker Restoration

Precise Engraving Restoration: The inscriptions and engravings on grave markers are of utmost importance, carrying the names and sentiments of loved ones. We meticulously restore and enhance these inscriptions, employing precise re-engraving techniques to ensure accuracy and readability. Our goal is to revive the marker’s original aesthetics while preserving the emotional significance it holds.

Preserving the Legacy: We understand the emotional value and significance of grave markers, and we approach each restoration project with the utmost care and respect. AGG Specialists have experience with a variety of metals including bronze, aluminum, iron, and more. Our aim is to restore the marker’s original beauty while preserving its historical and sentimental importance. We work closely with families and cemetery staff to ensure the restoration process aligns with their wishes and honors the legacy of their loved ones.

Bronze Grave Markers Before and After Restoration