Queen Charlotte Walks in Her Garden Statue

“Queen Charlotte Walks in Her Garden Statue” after AGG Restoration. Charlotte, NC

We’ve worked with many materials over the years, but our specialty is definitely anything made of bronze. We’ve refinished bronze plaques, bronze statues, bronze lamps, and many other pieces of bronze art and architecture.  A question we hear a lot from our customers is, “What is bronze made of?”

Bronze is a metal created by combining 88% copper and 12% tin, though those proportions can change. Combining these specific two metals makes the end product stronger and harder, while also making the metal easier to melt.   Being easier to melt makes it easier to be recast, or molded.

Humans have been using bronze all the way back to 4500 BCE, through the Middle Ages, in Ancient Greek, and still to this day. The metal has been cast into items such as art, artifacts, weaponry, and coins.  Check out some photos below of the bronze work our AGG Specialists have transformed and please contact us today if we can help with your bronze refinishing projects.