In 1958, thirty thousand spectators flocked to Ponce Inlet, FL to the original site of Nascar’s biggest race for its time, the Daytona Beach Road Course.  Now known as a historical landmark, in 1958 it was a 4.1 mile racecourse.  More than seventy-six drivers drove an open throttle, wheel-to-wheel contest navigating hard packed sand, a narrow strip of asphalt, and two banked, hairpin turns.

Today the only remnants of this great road course are The North Turn Restaurant and two bronze markers placed at key points on the original track; one is located at the north turn and the other at the south end of the track.  The Town of Ponce Inlet commissioned AGG Restoration to refurbish these markers after extreme weathering from salt water and direct sunlight had left them nearly unrecognizable and illegible.   Some worried if the markers were past restoration and needed to be completely replaced instead.

Recognizing the historical significance of these markers, our team of specialists set out to bring back the luster and shine of the original bronze.   The results were first place quality and the Town was thrilled to avoid replacing the priceless structures.  You can view our completed work in season two of Dale Jr’s original TV series on Peacock called “Lost Speedways”.  We are honored to help pay homage to the many drivers who risked their lives to establish themselves as the best of the best in the early days of America’s original sport, NASCAR.