Iconic image designed by sculptor Andy Edwards to commemorate the Christmas Truce of 1914

AGG Restoration Specialists have worked with all types of art and architecture over our 20 years in business. We are nerds for this stuff and really enjoy bringing historical and cultural pieces back to their original beauty. If you have questions about your art or architecture you are welcome to contact us!

  • Do nothing. While metal and stone are very durable, they too need regular maintenance.  At a minimum, we recommend they be cleaned and protected once per year, especially if they are exposed to the elements.

  • Start without researching.  Before even lifting a finger, take some time to examine the piece and consider a few important questions:  What is it made of? What are some of the issues causing it to degrade (trees overhead, sprinklers, saltwater)? Will the material react badly to heat, light, chemicals, abrasion, etc?  If you know where the piece was created or who installed it, try to get in touch with them.   Or call an AGG Restoration Specialist for advice.

  • Forget to check the weather. It should be warm and dry outside, but not too hot.  Extreme temperatures or moisture in the air could affect your process.  Ideal weather for art preservation can usually be planned for the Fall or the Spring.

  • Use a pressure washer. Best case, a pressure washer would be overkill for the job.  Worst case, it could cause serious damage to the piece. In most cases, a gentle rinsing will be enough to clean the surface.

  • Rush the process.  While cleaning your art and architecture is not usually very difficult, the process can take some time.   It could take an hour or two in between stages to let surfaces or products dry and/or absorb.   Be patient!